Did you know HVAC contractors who provide energy certification for their clients have the potential to secure more jobs and receive tax savings? Through the energy certification process, your clients are eligible for significant tax benefits through the 179D EPAct.

HVAC contractors are experiencing positive effects on their businesses as a result of the 2005 Energy Policy Act’s recent extension.

  • Increased satisfaction and loyalty from commercial-building-owner clients who are eligible for a tax benefit of up to $1.80 per square foot for the installation of energy saving systems into new or existing construction.
  • Competitive advantage in the marketplace: HVAC contractors with the knowledge of these tax benefits are able to bid public-building projects much more competitively. As we see an increase in public-building production to stimulate the economy, this can be a significant tool in successfully winning bids.
  • Increased cash flow through direct allocation of the federal tax benefit (a partial deduction of $0.60 per square foot) to HVAC contractors for the installation of energy-saving heating and cooling systems in new or existing public buildings owned by a federal, state, or local government.
  • Increase in new business through referrals from a mutually beneficial relationship with Engineered Tax Services. We partner with HVAC contractors nationally to provide independent, third-party certification as required by the IRS for existing projects, while also providing opportunities for new business.

Our experienced team of engineers can help you assess past, current, and future projects for tax benefits and guide you and your clients through the certification process. Through a mutually beneficial relationship with ETS, you will have a competitive edge by earning repeat and new business over HVAC contractors who cannot offer their clients the same energy-tax certification.

ETS works in collaboration with your clients’ CPA firms to ensure the process of obtaining your tax benefits follows legislation guidelines. We are approved for the 179D Energy Efficiency Certification Process so you can start winning more jobs and increase profitability for your business immediately. Contact us for more information at (561) 253-6640 or email here.